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Awakening Minds Art's Fundraiser

We can help homeschooled students learn visual arts education while providing opportunities to participate in a classroom setting with collaborative projects and many confidence-boosting art activities

Join us, and help make an impact; please give today.

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Together, we can make an impact on the children who live in our community

Help us sustain this educational and developmental program for school-aged kids!

Thanks to you, Awakening Minds Art will be able to serve more homeschooled K-12 students. Your support and belief in our cause keeps us going strong!

Homeschooled students in our community are eager to learn visual arts education and gain valuable experience in a structured classroom setting, collaborating, and sharing a sense of accomplishment with peers through our programming. Homeschool Visual Arts Programs currently take place in Findlay, Leipsic, and Lima.

Even a small gift, given consistently, can make a huge difference in the sustainability of our Homeschool Visual Arts Program for the year. The number of children served and the supplies utilized depend on the generous support of people like you! Please consider a monthly donation today!