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Help impact your community through One-on-One, Therapeutic Programming!

Together, we can impact our community

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Help us sustain these therapeutic and developmental programs for all ages and abilities!

Thanks to you, Awakening Minds Art will be able to help more community members succeed in their daily lives through structured, personalized art classes that work towards the everyday goals and the self-confidence of each individual. Your support and belief in our cause keeps us going strong!

One-On-One Therapeutic Programming most often benefits people within the special needs community and focuses on each individual's specific goals for success. While incorporating fun, artistic challenges into each session, students and instructors may work on fine and gross motor development, sensory exploration, language development, behavioral modification, or skill building. Building a sense of accomplishment that encourages confidence is an overarching goal for everyone who participates at Awakening Minds Art!

Even a small gift, given consistently, can make a huge difference in the sustainability of our One-on-One Therapeutic Programs for the year. Please consider a monthly donation today!